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Hi, my name is Jonathan Hinson. I’ve been a hobbyist bedroom producer of electronic music for over 20 years. I’ve recently been working on a Synthwave inspired Album while I learn a new DAW (Reaper) – I love listening to Synthwave, but my genesis is the Techno Clubs of the 90’s, so a lot of that influence rubs-off on my Retrowave style.

I started making music on various ‘Trackers’, like Scream Tracker,  and have only recently made the migration to DAWs – So, I’ve got nearly a hundred old tracks that I’d like to remaster and release on bandcamp among other places. So stay tuned to hear my back-catalogue 🙂

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I’ll also use this site to announce releases, and share some tips, guides on music producing.


Latest Posts...

Panspermia (EP)

Available now on your favourite streaming platform. Buy it here: https://astrofarer.bandcamp.com/album/panspermia

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Floating (single)

Buy now on bandcamp: https://astrofarer.bandcamp.com/track/floating Floating by Astrofarer VST’s Used Sylenth1 Vocaloid5 FabFilter Pro-C 2 FabFilter Pro-MB FabFilter Pro-L 2 FabFilter Saturn Supercharger Valhalla VintageVerb Tape

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Skyway (EP) – Now Available

Grab it on Bandcamp: https://astrofarer.bandcamp.com/album/skyway-ep Skyway (EP) by Astrofarer Track List: Skyway Autostasis Cryolucid Pivot Signal Shuttle 302

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Heat Death

New Track has been released to all popular music streaming services. Buy now on bandcamp: https://astrofarer.bandcamp.com/track/heat-death Heat Death by Astrofarer Lyrics We have killed a

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